Self-Confrontation Student Workbook (English blemished) (SPECIAL PRICING*)

* From now until August 31, 2020, BCF is discounting this publication, to give you study and ministry opportunities. All items with this note attached are offered at 40% off the retail price for 1-99 copies.


The Self-Confrontation Bible Study Student Workbook is designed to lead you through a personal life-application study of God’s Word, using the Self-Confrontation manual as a reference.

The Workbook leads you through key Scripture passages and points you to relevant portions of the Self-Confrontation manual.

Blank Answer Sheets (in PDF format) are available for use with the Student Workbook. These sheets will allow you to complete the fill-in-the-blank homework in the Student Workbook electronically, as an alternative to writing the answers in the book or on separate pieces of paper. You can download the sheets here.

Retail: $27.50
1 copy: 20.00
2 - 49: 17.50
50 +: 15.00
100+: 12:50

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