Living Victoriously - Print Version - (English blemished) (SPECIAL PRICING*)

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The Living Victoriously booklet is a 7-week study from BCF. Based completely on Scriptures, it is a practical look at everyday problems - their purpose in our lives, how we can overcome them, and walk daily with Christ in the midst of trials.

Living Victoriously teaches the basics of:

  • The hope we can have as we go through difficult times
  • How and why God allows trials in our life
  • Practical biblical principles for change
  • How to practice those principles in our daily walk with Christ

Living Victoriously is in a workbook format, and focuses on practical application in your daily life, providing passages for you to look up, and spaces for you to answer questions.

It can be used as a personal devotional, as a one-on-one study, or in a small-group setting.

Retail: $13.48
1 copy: 10.00 (blemished English copies currently $10)
2 - 49: 8.50
50-99: 7.50
100+: 6.00

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